Why is my car not starting?

Why is my car not starting?  Do you have a battery dash light that is lit up? Does your car have a “hard start” during colder weather? There is a good chance that your car is not starting due to a bad battery.  Although there could be other causes, the first thing the mechanics at Central Florida Transmission Repair would recommend is looking at your battery. Corrosion is a major issue with batteries and can be seen immediately upon looking at your battery under the hood of your car or truck.  You would be able to see this on your positive and negative terminals or posts located on the actual battery.  If you do not see visual evidence of corrosion or anything that looks out of the ordinary, we offer a complete charging system test to determine what is causing your issue.

Why is my car shaking?

 Why is my car shaking? Is my Engine failing? Do I need new Sparkplugs or an Air Filter? Perhaps it is my tires. All these things can lead to shaking in your car. The problem is how do you have it Diagnosed accurately? Central Florida Transmission Repair has a team of experienced Mechanics ready to repair whatever may be causing your car or truck to shake. Visit us today so we can get you back in smooth running order.

Why is my 4-wheel drive not working?

 Why is my 4-wheel drive not working? Using your vehicle’s 4-wheel drive when it is not needed can lead to damage and very expensive repairs. Four-wheel drive allows your vehicle’s front and back wheels to turn at different speeds based on an internal control system.  4-wheel drive (4WD) was created for low-traction driving conditions. This means anything from slippery snow to steep hills and mud. If your 4-wheel drive is not working let Central Florida Transmission Repair and our team of certified mechanics and technicians get your car or truck back to its ground-gripping ability.

What is leaking on my driveway?

What is leaking on my driveway? Are you seeing oil or fluid drops on your driveway or garage floor where you park your vehicle?  If so, this is something to take seriously.  The repairs we see at Central Florida Transmission Repair are mostly because components like transmissions and motors were run low on oil.  Leaking fluids are common when your vehicle has higher miles and is older.  The gaskets and seals to start leaking.  Please call us today for our free leak inspection.  Our professional staff of mechanics will determine what needs to be done to fix your issue before it becomes a significant problem.  Many times we can perform the inspection while you wait.  Dropping your vehicle off with us is of course welcome as well.  As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  

Are your brakes making a noise?

 Are your brakes making noise? Does your car shake or wobble when you push the brakes? Do you feel grinding when you brake? This could be an unsafe and dangerous situation you do not want to ignore. Trust Central Florida Transmission Repair to diagnose and repair your brake problem. We will get your brake system in check and get you safely out on the road.